Race Tips

Prepare yourself well for the event and enjoy yourself on race day! And don't forget to make a volunteer's day and say thanks for the help!

Before the Race:
Give yourself plenty of time to check-in and set up your transition area in the dark, early in the morning. This game plan is especially important for first-time competitors. Rehearse finding your bike upon entering the bike corral. Remember it will all look different in the daylight!

Swim: Do the swim course and find some good landmarks so you can swim relatively straight! Although the race has wave starts, there is still enough congestion right after the gun to get disoriented. There will be marshalls and lifeguards on the makai edge of the course to warn you if you are getting close to the reef. You will have to swim around a buoy and head back toward the start where the swim finish chutes are set up.

Bike: Practice the descent of heartbreak hill in Hawaii Kai and be in control as you approach the corner of Hawaii Kai Dr. and Lunalilo Home Rd. Also be in control on the descent past Diamond Head so you don't lose it and crash close to the finish! Remember you must ride within the traffic cones at all times. Be extra alert crossing big intersections. Safety is always our number one concern but accidents have happened in the past when motorists have ignored police directing traffic. Obey traffic laws at all times, we do not own the roads on race day. This race is an individual event, and drafting is not permitted. You will be disqualified without warning for drafting.

Run: Don't forget your number! Three aid stations are located along the run course. Don't pass up a chance to keep well-hydrated. Although it is not a long run, heat takes its toll every year, and the first aid tent always has customers. Don't give them your business!