In Honor of Cliff Rigsbee


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One of our Hawaii Triathlon family, fireman Cliff Rigsbee, was critically injured in a jet ski rescue training accident on the 14th. He passed away June 16, 2016. 

Some members of Island Triathlon Training honored Cliff by running a mini triathlon in his honor on June 19th. Here's what they had to say...

Most of the Island Triathlon Training Team did not know Cliff but we have heard his name and know he was a pillar of the Triathlon Community in Hawaii. So today we dedicated our Mini Triathlon Workout in his honor. We all wore his initials and took him with us on our Swim, Bike & Run for inspiration and for him to experience it with us. We were gifted by his presence via a double rainbow and shark at Queens Beach. I asked each athlete where they felt Cliff was with them. Most stated the rainbow, a few the shark with one even saying Cliff was the shark keeping us safe. Some felt his inspiration while on the bike and feeling pain, thinking what would Cliff do, he would press on. Others felt he gave them extra energy on their run and we had a couple of spectacular finishes pushing the athlete to do their best.

Aloha Nui Loa Cliff for participating with us today. We know you will continue to watch and guide Triathletes from your new vantage point.


Carol Fontanive, Director

Island Triathlon Training


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